Entry Criteria & Conditions

Entry Criteria & Conditions - Project Categories

  1. All nominations must be submitted online at https://www.intersecexpo.com/ssfmeawards/project-category-nom1.aspx
  2. Nominations must be in English and received by 30 July 2019
  3. All projects must be completed between 1st May 2018 – 30th April 2019
  4. The projects entered in the competition should be located in the Middle East region.

Project categories evaluation criteria: (Entries in these categories will be separated into FIRE PROJECTS and SECURITY PROJECTS)

  • Security, Safety & Fire Program Effectiveness and Benefits: The organization should be able to demonstrate a high level of resource allocation and management participation in the development and implementation of safety and security / fire protection initiatives. It should also reflect the benefits the organisation has gained from this practice.
  • Alignment: The organization should demonstrate the ability to align the fire, safety and security standards and practices that produce solid and progressive results tied towards the organisation’s overall goals and objectives.
  • Project Innovation: Demonstrate innovative efforts used to advance internal and external safety and security issues that are constantly changing.
  • Technology Partnerships: Assessment of the nominee’s ability to develop strategic relationships with vendors, solution providers and technology partners towards improving products and services needed in the industry.

Project entrants will be required to answer the following:

  1. Write-up of the project brief and was the project delivered / completed on time and within budget? Project footprint? (500 words)
  2. What did the client want in terms of security, safety / fire protection outcome, and how did the delivered work contribute to this? (500 words)
  3. Please detail (including measurable evidence) how the delivered work reduced costs for the client? (500 words)
  4. How is the project innovative and does it reflect a totally new or unusual approach? And were new techniques or innovative ideas used that could be replicated? (500 words)
  5. Does it represent an industry first? Or does it represent a new application for an existing security / fire product or service? (500 words)
  6. Present the unique public issues, challenges and problems; how were these overcome and relate these accomplishments to past performance and industry norms mentioning obstacle overcome and/or discoveries made. (500 words)
  7. Does the project benefit the fire / security industry in a wider context? Have lessons been learned that can be applied elsewhere to help the security / fire industry? (500 words)

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Entry Criteria & Conditions - Product Categories

  1. The Products should be launched from 1st May 2018 – 30th April 2019
  2. All nominations must be submitted online.
  3. Nominations must be in English and received by 30 July 2019
  4. NOTE: If shortlisted, a working sample would be needed by the jury


  • Design: (Is the product designed to the highest standard?)
  • Impact: (Does the entry have the potential to make a positive impact? Will it contribute to a better and safer environment? Will it also have a positive impact on the business?)
  • Innovation: (Does the product push the boundaries? Is it unique and innovative? Is it using systems, materials, processes and technology in an creative and original manner?


  1. Product brief in 500 words
  2. Benefits to the market in 500 words
  3. What is innovative about the product in 500 words

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