20 - 22 January 2019, Dubai

Intersec Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security Conference

January 23 - 24, 2017 - Al Multaqua Ballroom, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

A two-day conference discussing strategies for improving p
hysical security, cyber security, protection and business continuity solutions to your critical infrastructure and information assets

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Intersec 2017-NCEMA

With the growth in number of sensitive infrastructure and information assets in Middle East and Africa, the security and protection of its valuable physical and information resources is the topmost priority of the local governments. Understanding this criticality, public and private organisations are also looking for effective and comprehensive security solutions to meet all their security needs.

Intersec Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security Conference this year will bring together security, safety and cyber security experts from industry, government authorities, law enforcement agencies, regulators, public and private organisations and solution providers on a common platform to address the key security challenges and potential threats to different kinds of critical infrastructure.

Some of the key areas being focused at the conference include:

• Emergency preparedness: Lessons to learn from latest regional attacks and accidents

• Prevention at different types of security levels: How to manage, what technology and recovery modes

• Complete protection: Cyber Security of your critical infrastructure  and Physical security of your IT assets

• Experience Sharing: Key threats, vulnerabilities and cyber attacks on SCADA and ICS systems

• Innovative solutions for Risk Management, Regional Security and Protection of Critical Infrastructure

• Practical examples on Accident response, operations, resilience and Business Continuity for high risk industries

• Civil and Commercial Building Security: Smarter solutions for controlled access, monitoring and surveillance 

... and more

Who Should Attend:

Chief Security Officers, VPs, AGMs, DGMs, MDs, Directors, Managers, Deputy Managers, Superintendents, Advisors, Specialists, Coordinators, Consultants, Officers, Analysts and Section Heads in-charge of:
• Airport Security
• Asset Security, Protection and Facilities Management
• Business Continuity
• Contingency Planning and Loss Prevention
• Corporate Security
• Crisis and Disaster Management
• Cyber, Information and IT Security
• Emergency Response and Services
• Emergency Services
• Industrial Safety and Security
• Infrastructure Security
• Risk Assessment and Management
• Safety and Security Training, Inspection and Control
• Transport Security

From (Industries Involved):

• Banks and Financial Institutions
• Airports, Railways and Seaports
• Oil and Gas Companies
• Defense and Homeland Security Establishments
• Chemical companies
• Government Authorities, Police and Security Agencies
• Government Facilities
• IT, Telecom and Communications
• Manufacturing Companies
• Public Infrastructure and Utilities
• Special Events
• Stadiums and Religious places
• Transportation Companies
• Other related industries