20 - 22 January 2019, Dubai

Intersec Artificial Intelligence and Information Security Conference

January 23, 2018 I Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, UAE

The mass adoption of connected digital technologies and applications by consumers, enterprises, and governments in the Middle East brings with it an added and growing exposure to the risk of cyber attacks. The continuing success of digitization initiatives and the increasing focus on artificial intelligence and smart solutions creates an impetus to ensure a secure digital environment and a strong IT and information security infrastructure.

However these efforts are often fragmented and reactive. In a recent industry report it was noted that organisations in the Middle East do invest in security technology, and other things such as cyber insurance, however they are often not supported by the people, processes and governance required and so create a ‘false sense of security’. The report also pointed that companies in the Middle East suffered larger losses than other regions in 2015, as a result of cyber incidents: 56% lost more than $500,000 compared to 33% globally, and 13% lost at least three working days, compared to 9%.
The first ever Artificial Intelligence and Information Security Conference at Intersec 2018 will address some of the key challenges that businesses and governments in the region are facing and will also discuss effective strategies to combat cyber security threats.
The one day conference, held on January 23, 2018 along with the exhibition will provide significant insights into:
• Strategies for combating cyber risks in the world of Internet of Things
• Creating the Regulatory Environment Combining People, Processes and Technology to
• Effectively Combat Cyber Security Threats
• How Banks and Financial Institutions Can Address Gaps in Cyber Security
• Implementable Solutions for Enhancing Your Organisation’s Data and Network Security … and more