20 - 22 January 2019, Dubai


Intersec Oil & Gas Submission

As a region the Middle East is developing at an incredible pace and is currently a hotbed for infrastructure investment. As part of that development one of the key focus areas has been fire codes; these have been modelled on the US NFPA standards. As such, although fire incidents do occur, they are less frequent than in other emerging markets such as Brazil.

This can partly be attributed to the fact that the main driver of the initial growth in the region came from the Oil & Gas industry, one of the most safety conscious industries in the world. Accidents and incidents do still occur, lessons are learnt and change is implemented unlike other industries which do not have such rigorous standards.

As an industry that is constantly evolving and looking to improve upon its safety record, the Oil & Gas sector is willing to look for and incorporate new technology to help progress that safety record going forward.

One of the key elements taken into consideration during the design process of any Oil & Gas facility is the fire protection system. Typically this involves a number of protection stages the first being prevention through to suppression.

One of the key elements of this protective system is the fixed fire suppression system. This will be made up of a number of cylinder points that will release the suppressant agent when a fire incident is detected.

In the past, one of the key challenges with fixed fire suppression systems has been the monitoring of the individual cylinder points liquid level. Cylinder points can suffer from leakage and accidental discharge over a period of time. Using traditional weighing techniques to monitor the liquid level of suppressant agents has been superseded by real time monitoring techniques.

Real time monitoring reduces the down time involved in maintenance. Moreover, it means there are no long gaps in between checking each cylinder point, thus ensuring full integrity of the fire suppression syst em.

Portalevel™ MAX - a fully portable product developed by Coltraco Ultrasonics - is the latest generation in development of ultrasonic monitoring technology stretching back over 20 years. Fully UL certified Portalevel™ MAX builds on the Portalevel™ products which are currently in use on over 140 North Sea Oil Rigs and other locations worldwide.

The new product has enhanced functionality, is easy to use, and is ideal for use in an offshore and onshore environment providing real time information back to maintenance crews. This allows them to identify and rectify problems before they become major issues.

To see a demonstration of the product in action and to find out more about how we can ensure the integrity of your oil & gas fire suppression system please come and see us on stand#6-B38.

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