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21 - 23 January 2018, Dubai

A safe harbour for security and safety solutions

Intersec 2017-Logistics

Ports tend to have a massive scale of operations, with many large and minute variables that must work seamlessly to ensure the proper functioning of the initiative.

From logistics security to transport and perimeter security, right through to lighting, this multi-faceted arena places heavy demands on safety and security. For the first time, Intersec focuses on the specialised requirements of this unique and integral infrastructural sector.

 Products list
 Logistics Security - Shelters - tents - tarpaulins. etc
- Packing - storage - transport
- Lighting
- Power (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, thermal)
/ Batteries
- Signage - light signs – markers
 Perimeter & Physical Security     
 Commercial Security
 Information Security
 Fire & Rescue