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21 - 23 January 2018, Dubai

Fully compliant safety and security solutions for the government sector

Intersec 2017-Government

In charge of administration, protection and direction of people and the state, safety and security fall firmly within the remit of government organisations.

As such, due to the vast and varied nature of the responsibilities of government institutions, the requirements of safety, security and fire & rescue products, systems and solutions are equally broad in scope.

Homeland security in particular is of special interest to governments, and Intersec addresses all of the above and more through thought leaders, products and solutions of extreme relevance and importance.

 Products list
 Homeland Security
& Policing
- Electronics
- Mobility Air / Land / Marine
- Special Forces Equipment
- Optics
- Apparel & Equipment
- Logistics Support Equipment
- Laboratory Equipment / Forensic Science
- Mine Clearance / Bomb Disposal
- Armour
- Detection
- Equipment for Police Forces
 Perimeter & Physical Security - Physical Access / Entrance Control
- Mechanical Security Systems & Devices
- Perimeter Security Systems / Barriers / Fences / Barbed Wires etc.
 Fire & Rescue              
 Information Security
 Commercial Security

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