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21 - 23 January 2018, Dubai

Teaching a new paradigm of safety and security to the education sector

Intersec 2017-Education

An expansive array of security related requirements can typically be seen in educational institutions, and these include fire protection, security and safety. For both private and public organisations, the need to protect students, faculty and other staff must be carefully balanced with limited budgets.

This is all the more concerning, considering the rise of attacks on students by persons with malicious intent, and the increase in fire-related incidents.

Scalable solutions are therefore important, because they allow a good degree of future-proofness, and as such, these and other pertinent and practical solutions can be found at Intersec.

 Products list
 Commercial Security  - Surveillance (Analogue)
 - Digital & Network Surveillance
 - Transmission
 - Reconnaissance, Surveillance 
   & Guarding Services
 - Electronic Access / Entrance Control
 - Intruder & Burglary Detection & Alarm Equipment
 Information Security - Intersec Security
- Hardware & Data Security
- Mobile Security
- Access / Entrance Security
- Electronic Access / Entrance Control
- Intruder & Burglary Detection & 
  Alarm Equipment
 Fire & Rescue              
 Perimeter & Physical Security