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21 - 23 January 2018, Dubai

Taking care of the hospital and health sectors

Intersec 2017-Hospital

Incident reporting, access control, alarm monitoring and response, and emergency department security form only a small part of the security requirements in hospitals, assisted living centres and nursing homes – the list of requirements is incredibly extensive.

Patient safety is paramount, and great care is taken to ensure that safety and security measures are of the highest standards, which emphasises the importance of a comprehensive approach to security in these environments.

At Intersec, healthcare and hospital personnel will discover an exceptional range of products, solutions and equipment to stay at the forefront of patient and asset security.

 Products list
 Commercial Security  - Surveillance (Analogue)
 - Digital & Network Surveillance
 - Transmission
 - Reconnaissance, Surveillance 
   & Guarding Services
 - Electronic Access / Entrance Control
 - Intruder & Burglary Detection & Alarm Equipment
 Information Security - Intersec Security
- Hardware & Data Security
- Mobile Security
- Access / Entrance Security
- Electronic Access / Entrance Control
- Intruder & Burglary Detection & 
  Alarm Equipment
 Fire & Rescue              
 Perimeter & Physical Security