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21 - 23 January 2018, Dubai

Comforting security solutions for the hospitality industry

Intersec 2017-Hospitality

In addition to securing several high-value assets, hotels need to primarily focus on the safety of people, from staff to guests.

Corporate and government clients are also emphasising the need to focus on employee safety and data protection, while the MICE industry is increasingly placing business with hotels that have a good track record of security and safety.

For hotels of all sizes and scales of operation, Intersec provides a wide gamut of products and solutions that meet their needs precisely.

 Products list
 Commercial Security  - Surveillance (Analogue)
 - Digital & Network Surveillance
 - Transmission
 - Reconnaissance, Surveillance 
   & Guarding Services
 - Electronic Access / Entrance Control
 - Intruder & Burglary Detection & Alarm Equipment
 Information Security - Intersec Security
- Hardware & Data Security
- Mobile Security
- Access / Entrance Security
- Electronic Access / Entrance Control
- Intruder & Burglary Detection & 
  Alarm Equipment
 Fire & Rescue              
 Perimeter & Physical Security