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21 - 23 January 2018, Dubai

Rock-solid security solutions for the construction industry

Intersec 2017-Construction

The very nature of construction projects means that there is a higher-than-usual incidence of work-related injuries and accidents, many of which can be limb or life-threatening.

Routine handling of hazardous materials, excessive noise and vibration, falling objects and collapsing structures pose significant risks. In addition, according to the statistics, fire and theft tend to occur frequently.

A well thought-out safety and security plan and the right methodologies and equipment are essential for maintaining optimal levels of safety on site, and a visit to Intersec will help you identify everything you need for a safer construction site.

 Products list
 Fire & Rescue - Fire Prevention & Protection
- Emergency Alarm & Warning Systems
- Fire Fighting Equipment
- Rescue
- Safety Design in Buildings
 Safety & Health - Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
- Safety at Work 
- Health at Work
- Environmental Protection at Work
- Technical Textiles
 Commercial Security
 Information Security
 Perimeter & Physical Security

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