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21 - 23 January 2018, Dubai

High-flying security solutions for Airports and Border Control

Intersec 2017-Aviation

Extending beyond the role of being merely transport hubs, airports today incorporate businesses, retail, multiple kinds of vendors, and a variety of services. Surveillance systems are crucial in monitoring and maintaining security, while also facilitating the improvement of operational efficiency in complex environments. But the need for airport security extends far beyond, to include screening systems, fire and rescue solutions, and a great deal more.

With the obvious increases in international terrorism, disaster prevention remains at the forefront of aviation security objectives. However, terrorists and other threat groups are quick to adapt, and a future-ready approach is therefore imperative.

Visit Intersec to review the widest range of the latest products and technologies for the aviation industry, and connect with specialists across a broad spectrum of security competencies within this sector.

 Products list
 Perimeter Security  
 Access Control  
 Surveillance Systems
 X-Ray and Drug Detection Systems  
 Guarding Equipment & Services  
 Passport Readers, Scanners
 Signage, Lighting