20 - 22 January 2019, Dubai

Bold adds Hikvision and Dahua to its Gemini integrated platform

UK integrated platform provider, Bold Communications has added Hikvision and Dahua to its popular Gemini monitoring software. Both manufacturers’ products can now be handled in control rooms running the multi-protocol Bold software providing improved control room efficiency and functionality.

Bold is an independent software development and projects company providing monitoring solutions for alarm and video receiving centres in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Bold solutions may be found in many different types of control rooms - for example, retailers, universities, banks, hospitals, police and military, in addition to commercial, accreditated alarm and video receiving centres.

Any industry standard alarm panel can be received and handled in Bold Gemini as well as a wide range of CCTV systems, lone worker and access control solutions. Interoperability between the different installed security technologies generates a far more effective response at the management level. This provides for services such alarm verification, identifying the nearest resources to an event Where custom software development is needed, for example, when a proprietary security product forms part of an overall project, Bold can provide a design and development service. As integration specialists, Bold has significant experience of delivering complex security monitoring solutions, combining event signalling from diverse systems with situational data to generate an effective workflow response. At the control room workstation, event and alarm handling is made clear and simple by the use of a common interface which guides the operator through a series of response tasks.

The challenge facing the user is to find a platform which works effectively across all relevant product groups, including retained legacy products as well as new technology, at the same time as reducing total ownership costs and, not least, making it all useable for the system operator. Being able to offer a comprehensive list of third party product interfaces is important, but it is also critical to have the capability to adapt their monitoring platform to their specific needs.

All remote events are presented in a configurable and easy to use interface which takes the operator through a pre-defined workflow process, enabling alarm verification and remote site management. Operator actions, event video and alarm traffic are logged and recorded within Gemini and can be easily retrieved via instant and scheduled reports. End users can also access their data through a web interface to view video events, update keyholder records and create and schedule activity reports.

New interfaces are constantly being added to the Gemini platform. With Hikvision and Dahua receiver interfaces now available as part of the Bold platform, a complete solution can be delivered supporting all monitoring services at the customer’s site.
Bold Communications MD, Brian Kelly, comments, “All our software development and interface modules are driven by the demands in the monitoring market and we are increasingly seeing a growth in demand for new and exciting CCTV products. These new receiver interfaces are a further enhancement of the Gemini monitoring platform.”

Please visit the Bold stand S1 415C at INTERSEC 2014 for a discussion and Gemini system demonstration.

For more information: www.hikvision.com